AnyPursuit Network (APN)

We believe that ignorance is the root cause of all the sufferings that we have been unable to mitigate for the time immemorial. All our tribulations exist only because we don't know how to successfully deal with them. This ignorance is not limited only to illiterate or uneducated people but it is all encompassing which has taken even our thinkers and learned into its grip. Even knowledge is enveloped into ignorance, as Shrimad Bhagvadgita says. It is why most of us are always confused about what is the best among the options available, or what should be the right path other than the options available. We face the situation in which we need to answer, 'To be or not to be'. That is why we are trying to exert ourselves in the path of spreading knowledge as public service. Knowledge should be bias free and without any ulterior motif or conspiracy of the propagator behind spreading something dangerous in the name of knowledge. Purity of thought, we believe, should be the basis of pure knowledge, which only can save humanity.

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Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Services

We have started a domain name registration and hosting service so that more and more people can easily put knowledge on public domains. A majority of the knowledgeable people don't know the technology to run a website. That is why we focused on such people and simplified the process of website name registration, hosting and running them on our servers. Our engineers are there to help common people to register and run their websites with us. It doesn't matter if one knows nothing. We give step by step tutorial on our site anypursuit.com to enable them to run their sites. With state of the art technology and security system, responsive team of engineers and prompt service, they will have peace of mind and they can concentrate on their works.

We have everything there also for advanced users and technologists.

We accommodate all budgets - low and high.

If someone wants us to install content management systems we install them free of cost, but it should be specified at the time of booking a hosting plan. Otherwise we give facility of one-click-installs for almost all popular content management systems (CMS) that can be used later.

We have wonderful control panel developed for our systems. However, we give facilities of other popular control panels to choose from. You are welcome to make use of our system at anypursuit.com.

Education Network

We are connecting teachers and students for better education through our Education Network (cache)

Other Network Sites

Central African Republic (cache), Gabon (cache), Equatorial Guinea (cache), Mali (cache), and Tokelau (cache).

How you can contribute

You can contribute in our endeavour in many ways.
*By giving intellectual input to us
*By writing directly into the websites of the network
*By giving us moral support
*By rendering financial support to us
*By advertising on the network sites
*By purchasing from our shop
*By using our services